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More wealth has been created by land ownership-- by average Americans—than by any other investment vehicle. Land is a tremendous asset, and knowing how to leverage that asset is a key step towards greater wealth and effective, long-term estate planning. Land asset management requires big-picture strategic planning and critical knowledge. In real estate, they say knowledge is power, and this is absolutely true when it comes to making decisions regarding your land holdings.

The Pennsylvania Land Brokers team will work with you to understand your goals and objectives and then examine all of the land management and development options available. Together, we will make a plan that meets your goals.

Zoning and Value

Zoning is the single biggest determinant of value to any parcel of land. While many people chime, “ Location, location, location,” those in the know state, “Zoning, zoning, zoning.”

When land developers and builders purchase land, they’re not just buying location, more importantly, they’re buying zoning. When we represent land owners who have land ripe for development, we attempt to maximize value. By maximizing density via zoning, securing public utilities—water and sewer—prior to taking a property to market, we realize a value many times greater than raw, unimproved, unentitled land. In collaboration with industry associates, we partner with land owners who wish to increase the value of their land – typically by improving its zoning – and then sell to or partner with developers to realize the maximum potential of their land holding.

A large part of our consulting practice is working with landowners to obtain the zoning required for a desired use, prior to or concurrent with marketing the land to the development community. We work closely with recognized land-use counsel experts in a specific county to argue the merits for up-zoning a client’s property. 

Consulting Details


At Bozzuto we have been primarily land buyers, and you represent sellers,our company has greatly appreciated the opportunities to work with you because you do such a good job of researching and understanding a particular transaction, identifying the most appropriate potential buyers and then running a clear and fair selection process. That professionalism makes everyone's job easier, and is truly appreciated by all parties."
John B. Slidell, Vice Chairman
The Bozzuto Group