St. Francis Orchard

When an investor purchased the last 2 acre parcel to round out this 125 acre assemblage, he found himself in a major dilemma. Though the $4.6 million bank loan he had been approved for was scheduled to close in five business days, after touring the site a senior bank official explained to the investor that the bank could not make the loan as long as the site was filled with junked cars, trash and debris.

Maryland Land Advisors to the rescue. With just four hours’ notice, representatives from Maryland Land toured the property, devised a plan of action and began work. Over the following three days, Maryland Land had a supervisor on the job working with a dozen laborers to pick up and remove more than four dumpster loads worth of trash and debris, two dumpster loads of recyclable metals including an entire laundromat and two abandon race cars, five engine blocks, and the shell of a boat. Maryland Land Advisors also properly disposed of 186 tires and removed the charred remains of an old house.

The work was completed to the satisfaction of the lender who made the loan three days later.